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Shen Zhen Hua Xing Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen,China.Established in 2008.We are a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of accessories and applications for recreational vehicles. Our product ranges include RV smart controller systems, high-quality RV water systems, electric systems, camping equipment, refitting tools, lighting, kitchen and toilet peripheral parts. We have our own production shops for molding, plastic injection, metal processing and electrics.The company has become one of the China RV industry standards setters. We supply RV related accessory products to 98% China RV manufacturers and to over 86 countries around the world. We have developed the smart RV touch panel control systems over the traditional RV control systems. Our RV accessories products can be customized to your specific requirements. Apart from the existing our brand products, we also take OEM orders from customers. We own more than 30 patents and got certified with ISO90001 and ISO/TS16949. In 2018, the 60 thousands square meters factory project with the investment of 230 million RMB was put in operation. The new manufacturing site has a monthly production capacity of 1.5 million pieces. The company has been receiving high praise and trust from the clients and peers for its quality products and service.We have always been adhering to the concept of developing and delivering quality products and premium service to our customers at home and abroad.Our products is your best sourcing for RV refitting and RV accessories.


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