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Ev Charger Cable

1Phase 3Phase Type 2 to Type 2 SAE 62196 16A 32A Ev Charging Cable Type 2

  • Product ID:JD-V1-32T
  • Connector standard:type 2 to type 2
  • Rated Current:16A 3Phase
  • Power:22kW
  • Product description: 1Phase 3Phase Type 2 to Type 2 SAE 62196 16A 32A Ev Charging Cable Type 2
Protection rank:IP55
Fire retardant level:94 V-0
Rated Current:16A / 32A
Rated voltage:250V / 480V~
Insulation resistance:> 1000M ohm (DC 500V)
Terminal temperature rise :<50K
Withstand voltage:2000V
Contact resistance:0.5m ohm Max
Coupled insertion force:0.5m ohm Max
Coupled insertion force:>45N <80N
Operating temperature:- 30℃ to + 50℃
Mechanical Testing:
Mechanical life:no load plug in / pull out > 10000 times
Impact of external force:qualify 1m drop or 2 Ton vehicle run over
Materials Applied
Connector:by copper alloy with nickel bottom plating and 3um silver surface plating
Shell:white/ black by thermoplastic PC. Fire retardant. Other color optional by customizing
Cable:black with TPU jacket. Other color optional by customizing
Product conforms to IEC61851-1:2010 mode 3 & B2, and EN62196-2:2017,EN62196-1:2014
IP55 protection; Fire-retardant; Pressure resistance; Abrasion resistance; Impact resistance
Each in PE bag, then in Pizza box, then 5 Pizza boxes into 1 master carton
Deluxe pack: each in Oxford cloth with zipper & handle, easy for end users to keep
Customizing Logo put on shell by laser or flexible tooling; on Oxford cloth bag by printing